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Can I Import Seeds?

Please see the document below for the procedure to be followed in order to import any planting material. These steps are necessary to ensure no items are imported which are detrimental to our local agriculture.

You are required to:
  • Obtain an import permit for the plant material in question. This must be done first.
  • Obtain a phytosanitary certificate from your supplier
  • Submit the purchase invoice and the above two documents to ShopBox

Only upon receipt of all documents above will we be able to commence shipment of your seeds from Miami.

How to obtain an Import Permit for Planting Material [PDF Download]

Important! Guidelines regarding importing Plant Material [PDF Download]

Important Details

You are ultimately responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the documents provided. Please ensure your import permit is valid for a sufficient timeframe to facilitate the shipment of your item(s) from Miami.

You are required to follow any special instructions listed on your import permit.

Ask your supplier to send the phytosanitary certificate with the seeds. Also request that they email you a copy as well. If for any reason your supplier is unable to issue this certificate, we advise you to utilise a different supplier.

Locally, Customs can seize and destroy seeds with incomplete or fraudulent documentation, so please ensure the accuracy of your documentation prior to submission. In the event your items are seized by Customs, please note our invoice charges are still payable.

While this process may seem somewhat tedious, it is imperative that the correct procedure is followed to avoid any difficulties with your shipment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at